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1 I Hear You Now 19     Sep 1980  
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2 The Friends Of Mr. Cairo 19     Aug 1981  

3 Back To School   Sep 1981  

4 Chariots Of Fire - Titles 1   Apr 1982  
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5 I'll Find My Way Home 17     Jun 1982  
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6 He Is Sailing   Aug 1983  
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7 State Of Independence   Aug 1984  
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8 Conquest Of Paradise   Oct 1992  
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Jon And Vangelis was a new age group. Jon was singer Jon Anderson from rock group Yes. Vangelis was a long-time musical score composer and instrumental artist. This page is a combined discography of Jon And Vangelis and Vangelis solo. The greatest hit by Vangelis was Chariots Of Fire - Titles from the movie Chariots Of Fire, a 1982 number one top 20 one hit wonder.
With Jon Anderson, as Jon And Vangelis, there were no pop top 20 hits, but three rock top 20 songs. In 1982, I'll Find My Way Home reached number 17 rock and became the group's greatest hit in rock. The song State Of Independence was performed in 1982 by Donna Summer and a cast of all-star singers, becoming somewhat popular.

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