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Taylor Swift Kendrick Lamar Bad Blood Fight Song Rachel Platten Andy Grammar Honey, I'm Good

Linkin Park songs

Top 100 Pop Or Rock Songs By Decade

Find five decades of Top 100 Pop Songs Of The Decade, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and find three decades of Rock Top 100 Songs Of The Decade from the longest-running weekly rock chart, 80s Rock, 90s Rock, 00s Rock, decade charts now doubled to include 200 songs.

Jammin Joe Throwback Radio

Jammin Joe Throwback Radio live streaming

24-7 streaming classic pop and rock radio. plus
Jammin Joe is live and takes your requests Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern Time in the United States.
Jammin Joe Radio Home Page

Madonna Songs

Find Number One Song Calendars By Year

What was the number one song when you were born, graduated, married, or at any other special time? The Number One Song Calendar pages answer. Every pop number one song since 1960, and every rock number one song since 1980. Every calendar has a one-click grid to find other years.

Michael Jackson Dangerous

Find Songs With Colors In The Title

Top 100 Pop Songs With Colors In The Title
Top 50 Rock Songs With Colors In The Title
Plus more popular songs in color. Sorted by color.
Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Gold, Brown, Purple, Silver, Green, Red, Mixed and Other

Bee Gees

Find Songs About The Days Of The Week

The Top 30 Most Popular Days Of The Week Songs are here, most of these with the day of the week in the title. There's also a page for each day of the week and all the popular songs with those days in the title, with all charts hits and other popular songs, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

M songs

The Ultimate One Hit Wonders Site

The One Hit Wonders Home Page covers 40 years with more than one thousand one hit wonder songs, sorted by date and year, with annual top one hit wonder lists, from the One Hit Wonders Home Page.
Top 100 One Hit Wonders, 1960 through 2000.

Find Popular Instrumental Songs

Here are the Top 100 Instrumental Songs ordered by most popular songs and the complete list of
All Instrumental Top 20 Songs that made the pop chart, on four pages in Tune Timeline order.
Every Rock Top 20 Instrumental is here too.

Led Zeppelin

Find Unreleased Pop Hit Songs

Until 1994, very few songs were played on pop stations unless they were officially released as singles. Here are the very few exceptions
from 1960 through 1993.

Top Pop And Rock Songs Of 2014

For the year just ended, the year end top 100 songs results are now final.
Pop 100 Songs Rock 100 Songs

Glee Cast

Glee Cast Versions Go Beyond TV Show

In 2009, TV show Glee debuted. The series was an instant hit. Cast members performed "Glee Cast Versions" of popular songs. While none of the songs became big hits, many became famous in streaming, downloading, and even on radio airplay. Here are those popular songs in Tune Timeline order and in alphabetical order.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Has 20th Number One Song

In late 2014, Foo Fighters made the number one spot with Something From Nothing, the band's twentieth rock number one song, the all-time record. Foo Fighters widened its lead. In second place, there is a four-way tie at 17 each for Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, U2, and Van Halen.

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Artist Discography Pages

All hit songs, plus all popular songs, charted or not. Plus, ranked top hits for charted artists. Find artists underlined on any page, or search upper right.

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Find the current most popular artists

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Song Title Pages

Find a song by title or theme,
click an underlined title on any page. Find song title pages underlined on any page, or search upper right.

Songs With Happy In The Title
Songs With Jump In The Title

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