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You Keep Me Hanging On song title page

You Keep Me Hanging On, You Keep Me Hangin' On, (You Keep Me) Hanging On, and finally, (You Keep Me) Hangin' On were the four titles for two different songs. The more popular song was the 1966 number one song by The Supremes, with popular remakes by Vanilla Fudge, Wilson Pickett, Jackie DeShannon, Reba McEntire, and Roni Hill. Two artists remade the song as medleys as shown. In 1987, Kim Wilde hit number one with the song again. In 2009, Glee Cast did the song.
The other popular song with this title was a 1968 number 16 hit for Joe Simon, which was remade by Cliff Richard and Ann Peebles.

You Keep Me Hanging On popular Tune Timeline

blue # = pop chart

  1 You Keep Me Hangin' On 1   Nov 1966  
  The Supremes  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  2 (You Keep Me) Hangin' On 16   Jun 1968  
  Joe Simon  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  3 You Keep Me Hangin' On 11   Aug 1968  
  Vanilla Fudge  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  4 You Keep Me Hanging On   Dec 1969  
  Wilson Pickett  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  5 You Keep Me Hangin' On/Hurt So Bad   May 1970  
  Jackie DeShannon  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  6 (You Keep Me) Hanging On   Jun 1974  
  Cliff Richard  

  7 (You Keep Me) Hangin' On   Jun 1974  
  Ann Peebles  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  8 You Keep Me Hanging On/Stop In The Name Of Love   May 1977  
  Roni Hill  

  9 You Keep Me Hangin' On 1   May 1987  
  Kim Wilde  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  10 You Keep Me Hangin' On   Jun 1996  
  Reba McEntire  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  11 You Keep Me Hangin' On   Oct 2009  
  Glee Cast  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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