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Sweet Thing song title page

Here are all the popular songs with Sweet Thing in the title or with similar titles.

Sweet Thing popular Tune Timeline

red # = rock chartblue # = pop chart

  1 Sweet Thing   1952  
  Dinah Shore  

  2 Sweet Thing   Dec 1968  
  Van Morrison  
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  3 Sweet Thing 2   Apr 1976  
  Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  4 Sweet Thing   Feb 1983  

  5 Sweet Thing 20     Feb 1993  
  Mick Jagger  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  6 Sweet Thing 16   Mar 1993  
  Mary J. Blige  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  7 Sweet Thing   Mar 2009  
  Keith Urban  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  All versions listed on this page were released
as regular issue 45 RPM single records.

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