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1 Stuck On You 1   May 1960  
  Elvis Presley  
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2 Stuck On You 1   Aug 1984  
  Lionel Richie  
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3 Stuck On You   Aug 1984  
  Trevor Walters  

4 Stuck On You   Feb 1992  
  Bobby Caldwell  
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5 Stuck On You   Jul 1995  
  PJ + Duncan  

6 Stuck On You 23     Jan 1997  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Stuck On You was the title of mostly different popular songs including two number ones. In 1960, Elvis Presley took his song to number one, and, in 1984, the Lionel Richie song hit number one too. His song was remade by reggae artist Trevor Walters.

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