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1 Son Of A Preacher Man 9   Jan 1969  
  Dusty Springfield  
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2 Son Of A Preacher Man   Apr 1969  
  Peggy Little  

3 Son Of A Preacher Man   Feb 1970  
  Aretha Franklin  
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4 Son Of A Preacher Man   Jun 1989  
  Bobbi Lace  

5 Son Of A Preacherman   Mar 1997  
  Soul S.K.  

6 Son Of A Preacher Man   Jul 2004  
  Sherrie Austin  

7 (Son Of A) Preacher Man   Jul 2007  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

8 Son Of A Preacher Man   Aug 2007  
  Jann Arden  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Son Of A Preacher Man was a popular song written by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins, and made famous by Dusty Springfield in 1969 when it reached number 9. The song was then remade with popular versions by country stars like Peggy Little and Bobbi Lace, soul superstar Aretha Franklin, and even dance versions by Soul S.K. and Neodisco.

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