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1 Over The Rainbow   1939  
  Glenn Miller And His Orchestra with Ray Eberle  
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2 Over The Rainbow   1939  
  Judy Garland  
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3 Over The Rainbow   1939  
  Bob Crosby And His Orchestra with Teddy Grace  
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4 Over The Rainbow   1939  
  Larry Clinton And His Orchestra with Bea Wain  
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5 Over The Rainbow   1944  
  The Hank D'Amico Quartet  

6 Over The Rainbow   1951  
  Les Brown And His Band Of Renown  
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7 Over The Rainbow   1954  
  The Castelles  

8 Over The Rainbow   1954  
  The Checkers  

9 Over The Rainbow   1956  
  Little Butch & The Vells  

10 Over The Rainbow   May 1957  
  Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra with Austin Cromer  
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11 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Nov 1957  
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Demensions Over The Rainbow Wizard Of Oz soundtrack Sam Harris Over The Rainbow album
The Demensions had the only Pop Top 20 hit version of Over The Rainbow, left. The Wizard Of Oz movie soundtrack was released in 1956, center. Sam Harris created a sensation on TV contest show Star Search with his renditions of the song, released later on the album pictured right.

12 Over The Rainbow 13   Aug 1960  
  The Demensions  
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13 Over The Rainbow   1960  
  The Baysiders  
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14 Over The Rainbow   1960  
  Santo & Johnny  
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15 Over The Rainbow   1963  
  Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet)  

16 Over The Rainbow   Apr 1965  
  Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs  

17 Over The Rainbow   Oct 1966  
  Alexander And The Hamiltons  

18 Judy Over The Rainbow   1968  

19 Over The Rainbow   Aug 1969  
  Ohio Players  
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20 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Dec 1973  
  Livingston Taylor  
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21 Intro: Over The Rainbow/Kill The King   Sep 1977  
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22 Over The Rainbow   Jun 1978  
  Gary Tanner  

23 Over The Rainbow   Aug 1980  
  Jerry Lee Lewis  
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24 Over The Rainbow   1980  
  The Poor Souls  

25 Over The Rainbow/You Belong To Me   Jan 1981  

26 Over The Rainbow   Sep 1981  
  Patti LaBelle  
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27 Jingle Bells Laughing All The Way (Over The Rainbow Music)   Dec 1981  
  The Hysterics  

28 Over The Rainbow   1985  
  Sam Harris  

29 Over The Rainbow   1985  
  Band Of Oz  

30 Over The Rainbow   May 2001  
  Eva Cassidy  
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  In 1993, Hawaiian star Israel Iz Kamakawiwo'ole made his rendition of Over The Rainbow, combining it into a medley with What A Wonderful World. The song was a local sensation. After his death from obesity-related conditions, the song became an international hit, most popular in 2004. In the meantime, others including UK star Cliff Richard brought fame to a similar arrangement.  

31 Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World   Dec 2001  
  Cliff Richard  
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32 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Jul 2006  
  Katharine McPhee  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

33 Over The Rainbow   2007  
  Kylie Minogue  
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34 Over The Rainbow   May 2010  
  Jason Castro  
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35 Over The Rainbow   May 2010  
  Danielle Hope  

36 Over The Rainbow   Jun 2010  
  Glee Cast  
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37 Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World   Jul 2010  
  Scalby School Staff & Students  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

38 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Apr 2011  
  Matthew Morrison And Gwyneth Paltrow  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

39 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Dec 2012  
  Nicholas David  

40 Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Jan 2013  
  The Children Of Newtown Featuring Ingrid Michaelson  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

41 Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World   May 2015  
  Israel Iz Kamakawiwo'ole  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Over The Rainbow, sometimes called Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was a song written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, and introduced in the 1939 movie The Wizard Of Oz by singer and actress Judy Garland. The song was listed as the top movie song of the century by the American Film Institute. In the fall of 1939, there was a rush of recordings coming out. The most popular version at that time was by Glenn Miller with Ray Eberle singing. Many others remade the song. Here are the popular versions. Judy Over The Rainbow was a different song, inspired by Over The Rainbow.

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