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1 Not Fade Away   Jan 1958  
  The Crickets  
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2 Not Fade Away   Jul 1964  
  The Rolling Stones  
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3 Not Fade Away   Dec 1971  
  Grateful Dead  
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4 Not Fade Away   1973  

5 Not Fade Away   Feb 1979  
  Tanya Tucker  
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6 Not Fade Away   Sep 1981  
  Eric Hine  
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7 Not Fade Away   Jul 1989  
  Trish Lynn  

8 Not Fade Away   1994  
  Po' Boy Swing  

9 Not Fade Away   Feb 2007  
  Sheryl Crow  

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Not Fade Away was a song written by Norman Petty and Buddy Holly, and a 1958 popular song for Buddy Holly. Not Fade Away was remade in many versions by varied artists, particularly on the rock side. These are the popular versions. In 1964, The Rolling Stones received extensive airplay with the song. In 1971, and throughout its concert years, Grateful Dead performed the song. In 1973, the first single by Rush was Not Fade Away.
In 1981, Eric Hine made a dance version of the song. In 2007, Sheryl Crow was convinced to remake Not Fade Away by the cosmetic company Revlon. The title by Po' Boy Swing was a different song.

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