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1 Hanky Panky   Aug 1963  
  The Summits  

2 Hanky Panky   Dec 1963  
  The Raindrops  
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3 Hanky Panky 1   Jul 1966  
  Tommy James And The Shondells  
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4 Hanky Panky   Feb 1968  
  Neil Diamond  
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5 Hanky Panky   1988  

6 Hanky Panky 9   Jul 1990  
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Hanky Panky was a song written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, and recorded by them as The Summits then as The Raindrops. The song became a number one hit in 1966 by Tommy James And The Shondells. Others made cover versions of the song as shown here, except Madonna, whose Hanky Panky hit was a different song.

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