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1 Don't Turn Around   May 1964  
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2 Don't Turn Around   Dec 1971  
  Black Ivory  
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3 Don't Turn Around   Sep 1979  
  The Raes  

4 Don't Turn Around   Nov 1986  
  Tina Turner  
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5 Don't Turn Around   Mar 1987  
  Luther Ingram  

6 Don't Turn Around   Aug 1988  
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7 Don't Turn Around   1989  
  Lonnie Gordon  
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8 Don't Turn Around   Jan 1992  
  Neil Diamond  
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9 Don't Turn Around 1   Jun 1994  
  Ace Of Base  
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10 Don't Turn Around   2010  
  Albert Hammond  

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Don't Turn Around was a popular song title for different songs. The most well known song of this title was written by Albert Hammond and recorded by Tina Turner, released on the back of the single Typical Male. Luther Ingram followed with another soul version. In 1988, Aswad restyled the song and it became a reggae favorite. Neil Diamond also produced a light version in 1992. The most famous version was the 1994 number one hit by dance group Ace Of Base.
A different Don't Turn Around by The Raes was remade by Lonnie Gordon. Other songs on the list are different.

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