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1 Baby, Please Don't Go   1935  
  Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers  
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2 Baby Please Don't Go   1952  
  The Orioles  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

3 Baby Please Don't Go   Apr 1965  
  Them Featuring Van Morrison  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

4 Baby, Please Don't Go   Feb 1966  
  Paul Revere And The Raiders  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

5 Baby Please Don't Go   1966  
  Muddy Waters  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

6 Baby Please Don't Go   Mar 1968  
  The Amboy Dukes  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

7 I'm Going Home   Sep 1968  
  Ten Years After  

8 Baby Please Don't Go   Sep 1972  
  Gary Glitter  

9 Baby Please Don't Go   1976  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

10 Baby Please Don't Go   Jun 1985  
  Willy And The Poor Boys  

11 Baby Please Don't Go 26     Apr 2004  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

12 I'm Going Home   Apr 2006  
  Daniel Smith  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Baby Please Don't Go was a classic 1935 blues song by Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers, also known as Big Joe Williams. Here is the list of all of the many popular versions of the song.

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