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Karen Young artist popular songs

Tune Timeline chronological list

1 Hot Shot   Sep 1978  

2 Bring On The Boys   Dec 1978  

3 Dynamite   Feb 1982  

4 Deetour   Jul 1982  

5 No U Turn   1982  

6 Expressway To Your Heart   1982  

7 You Don't Know What You Got   Jun 1983  

8 Hot For You   1983  

9 Come-A-Runnin   1984  

10 Hot Shot '97 Rollercoaster Club Remix   Nov 1997  
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11 Hot Shot Reheat   Mar 2008  
  Karen Young Reheat  
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Karen Young was a dance and soul singer, made famous through the classic dance song Hot Shot. Karen Young followed-up with other popular dance songs, but Hot Shot was by far the biggest. Over the years, many remixes came out, including Hot Shot '97 Rollercoaster Club Remix that brought new life to the song after Karen Young died.
Karen Young lived 1951 to 1991 when she died of a bleeding ulcer.

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