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1 Bad For Good   May 1981  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

2 Love And Death   Jul 1981  

3 Stark Raving Love   Jul 1981  

4 Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through 10 25   Jul 1981  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

5 Lost Boys And Golden Girls   1981  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

6 Dance In My Pants   1981  
  Jim Steinman with Karla DeVito  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

7 The Storm (Prologue To The Album Bad For Good)   1981  
  Jim Steinman with The New York Philharmonic Orchestra  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

8 Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young   Jun 1984  
  Jim Steinman And Fire Inc.  

9 Nowhere Fast   Aug 1984  
  Jim Steinman's Fire Inc.  

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Jim Steinman was a singer, producer, and song writer. He often worked with Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler. He also wrote big hits for Air Supply and Celine Dion. Jim Steinman made Rock Top 20 with one hit wonder Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through. The song was also a top 30 pop hit.
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