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Crispian St. Peters artist popular songs

Crispian St. Peters was a UK singer and writer whose real name was Robin Smith. His only top 20 song was The Pied Piper, which reached number 6 in 1966. About a year later, You Were On My Mind was a top 20 near-miss.
Crispian St. Peters lived from 1939 to 2010.

Popular Tune Timeline for Crispian St. Peters

blue # = pop chart

  1 At This Moment   1965  

  2 The Pied Piper 6   Jul 1966  
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  3 Changes   Oct 1966  

  4 But She's Untrue   Dec 1966  

  5 You Were On My Mind   Jul 1967  
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  6 Free Spirit   1967  

  7 Almost Persuaded   1967  

  8 Look Into My Teardrops   1968  

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All songs on this page were released as US singles on Jamie Records.

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