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Shakespear's Sister artist popular songs

Shakespear's Sister was an alternative and rock music group from the UK. The greatest hit in pop music for Shakespear's Sister was number 3 song Stay, the group's pop top 20 one hit wonder.
On the rock side, Shakespear's Sister was a rock top 20 one hit wonder with number 18 rock song Goodbye Cruel World.

Popular Tune Timeline for Shakespear's Sister

red # = rock chartblue # = pop chart

  1 Heroine   Oct 1988  
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  2 You're History   Aug 1989  

  3 Run Silent   Oct 1989  

  4 Dirty Mind   Mar 1990  

  5 Goodbye Cruel World 18     Feb 1992  

  6 Stay 3   Sep 1992  
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  7 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)   Nov 1992  
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  8 I Don't Care   Jan 1993  

  9 I Can Drive   Jun 1996  
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