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1 Face The Music 8     Sep 1991  

2 There's Another Side   Nov 1991  

3 Until Your Love Comes Back Around 22   Mar 1992  

4 All You've Got   Jul 1992  

5 Rockin' Away   Mar 2007  
  Delp And Goudreau  

6 Set The Songbird Free   Sep 2007  
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RTZ was an album rock band with members Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau, singer and guitarist from group Boston. RTZ had a 1991 rock top 20 one hit wonder with the number 8 song Face The Music. On the pop side, RTZ entered the top 30 once, this time with the song Until Your Love Comes Back Around.
Brad Delp lived from 1951 to 2007, when he committed suicide. Rockin' Away, an earlier RTZ recording was then released as by Delp And Goudreau. Set The Songbird Free was a tribute by the band to Brad Delp.

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