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Greg Kihn Band artist popular songs

Here are all the popular songs by Greg Kihn Band. Find all the song chart hits and other popular songs by Greg Kihn Band.

Popular Tune Timeline for Greg Kihn Band

red # = rock chartblue # = pop chart

  1 Roadrunner   Aug 1979  

  2 Sheila   Apr 1981  

  3 The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) 4 13   Aug 1981  
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  4 Can't Stop Hurting Myself   1981  

  5 Testify 8     May 1982  

  6 Happy Man   Jun 1982  
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  7 Every Love Song   Jul 1982  

  8 Jeopardy 1 2   Apr 1983  
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  9 Love Never Fails   Jun 1983  

  10 Reunited 14     Jun 1984  

  11 Lucky 19 26   Mar 1985  
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  12 Love And Rock And Roll   Apr 1986  
  Greg Kihn  
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Top Rock Songs by Greg Kihn Band

2The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)

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