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1 I've Been Thinking About You   May 1994  

2 Make This Last Forever   Aug 1994  

3 Do You Miss Me 14   Nov 1996  
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4 A Little Bit Of Ecstasy   Jun 1997  
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5 Get Into The Rhythm   Jun 1998  

6 If You Could Read My Mind 15   Sep 1998  
  Stars On 54: Ultra Nate, Amber, Jocelyn Enriquez  

7 When I Get Close To You   Jun 2000  

8 No Way No How   Mar 2003  

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Jocelyn Enriquez was a Latin dance music singer. The greatest hit by Jocelyn Enriquez was If You Could Read My Mind, although Do You Miss Me peaked slightly higher on the top 20 countdown. If You Could Read My Mind was a collaboration known as Stars On 54: Ultra Nate, Amber, Jocelyn Enriquez, named as a tribute to the disco club Studio 54. In 1971, If You Could Read My Mind had been a number 5 hit by Canadian folk music and pop music singer Gordon Lightfoot.

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