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Count Five artist popular songs

Count Five, sometimes called The Count Five, was a psychedelic rock band from California. Count Five was a top 20 one hit wonder with the 1966 number 10 hit Psychotic Reaction.

Popular Tune Timeline for Count Five

blue # = pop chart

  1 Psychotic Reaction 10   Oct 1966  
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  2 Peace Of Mind   Dec 1966  
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  3 You Must Believe Me   Apr 1967  

  4 Merry-Go-Round   Jul 1967  

  5 Declaration Of Independence   Feb 1968  

  6 Mailman   1969  

  All songs above were released as singles on Double Shot records.
B-sides, respectively, were: They're Gonna Get You; The Morning After; Teeny Bopper, Teeny Bopper; Contrast; Revelation In Slow Motion; and Pretty Big Mouth.

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