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1 Stay The Night   Mar 1979  
  Faragher Brothers  

2 Stay The Night   Aug 1981  
  La Toya Jackson  

3 Stay The Night   Aug 1981  
  Jim Messina With Pauline Wilson  

4 Stay The Night 14 14   Jun 1984  
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5 Stay The Night 4 6   Jan 1987  
  Benjamin Orr  
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6 Stay The Night   Dec 1994  
  Gerald Alston  

7 Stay The Night   Dec 1999  
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8 Easy Love (Stay The Night)   Mar 2001  

9 Stay The Night   Mar 2007  

10 Stay The Night   Feb 2011  
  James Blunt  
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11 Stay The Night 5   Dec 2013  
  Zedd Featuring Hayley Williams Of Paramore  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

12 Stay The Night   Feb 2014  
  DJ Stay The Night  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Stay The Night was a popular title for many songs. Benjamin Orr, a member of The Cars, had both a pop and rock top 10 hit with his Stay The Night, after Chicago had both a pop and rock top 20 with its different song.

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