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1 Power Of Love 17   Sep 1972  
  Joe Simon  
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2 Power Of Love   Apr 1974  
  Martha Reeves  
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3 The Power Of Love   Feb 1975  
  The Dells  

4 The Power Of Love   Aug 1984  
  Charley Pride  
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5 The Power Of Love   Dec 1984  
  Frankie Goes To Hollywood  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

6 The Power Of Love 2 1   Aug 1985  
  Huey Lewis And The News  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

7 The Power Of Love (You Are My Lady)   Aug 1985  
  Air Supply  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

8 The Power Of Love   Mar 1986  
  Jennifer Rush  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

9 Power Of Love 21   Jan 1988  
  Laura Branigan  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

10 Power Of Love   Feb 1991  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

11 Power Of Love/Love Power 3   Jun 1991  
  Luther Vandross  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

12 The Power Of Love   May 1992  
  Matthews, Wright & King  

13 The Power Of Love 1   Jan 1994  
  Celine Dion  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

14 The Power Of Love   Apr 1994  

15 The Power Of Love   Oct 1994  
  Lee Roy Parnell  

16 The Power Of Love   Dec 1999  
  Holly Johnson  

17 The Power Of Love   2012  
  Gabrielle Aplin  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

18 The Power Of Love   Apr 2014  
  Christina Marie  

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The Power Of Love was a title for many different songs. Most well-known was the ballad first by Air Supply, remade by Jennifer Rush, then Laura Branigan, and finally becoming a huge number one hit by Celine Dion.
Huey Lewis hit number one with a rock song of the same title.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood had a different song, sung by Holly Johnson in the band, then remade by Holly Johnson solo. Gabrielle Aplin brought the song back, then Christina Marie did a popular version on TV show The Voice.
Still another Power Of Love song was a country song by Charley Pride which was remade by Lee Roy Parnell.

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