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1 May You Always 17   Jan 1959  
  The McGuire Sisters  
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2 May You Always   Jun 1959  
  Joan Regan  
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3 May You Always   Dec 1959  
  The Lennon Sisters  

4 May You Always 17   Dec 1965  
  Harry Harrison  

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May You Always was a popular song written by Larry Markes (sometimes shown as 'Marks') and Dick Charles. May You Always was built on the classic New Year's Day favorite Auld Lang Syne. This song came out at Christmas page time and was popularized by The McGuire Sisters, peaking weeks after Christmas and New Year's Day. It became a holiday staple, with The Lennon Sisters performing it regularly on TV program The Lawrence Welk Show and on their own for decades afterwards. In 1965, rock radio disk jockey Harry Harrison made a revamped recording of the song, and had a number 17 hit with it.

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