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The Lion Sleeps Tonight Wimoweh Mbube song title page

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1 Mbube   1939  
  Solomon Linda And The Evening Birds  
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2 Wimoweh (Mbube)   1952  
  The Weavers And Gordon Jenkins And His Chorus And Orchestra  
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3 Wimoweh (Mbube) LIVE   Feb 1959  
  The Kingston Trio  
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4 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 1   Dec 1961  
  The Tokens  
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5 Wimoweh   Mar 1962  
  Karl Denver  
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6 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) (Mbube) 1   Mar 1972  
  Robert John  
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7 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   1975  
  Brian Eno  

8 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   1978  
  The Stylistics  

9 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   Mar 1982  
  Tight Fit  

10 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   1982  
  The Nylons  
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11 The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)   May 1992  
  They Might Be Giants  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

12 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   May 1993  

13 You All Dat   Feb 2001  
  Baha Men Featuring Imani Coppola  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Mbube was an African and Mexican rhythm song written and performed by Solomon Linda. The song reached the United States where it sounded like Wimoweh. The Weavers recorded the song under this Americanized title and had a smash hit with it. By 1960, lyrics were added and The Tokens took the song, as The Lion Sleeps Tonight, to number one. The Lion Sleeps Tonight hit number one again by Robert John. Later, They Might Be Giants reworked the song as The Guitar, then Baha Men borrowed extensively from it for You All Dat.

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