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1 Every Breath You Take 1 1   Jun 1983  
  The Police  
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2 Every Breath You Take   Sep 1983  
  Rich Landers  

3 Every Breath You Take   Sep 1983  
  Otis Liggett  

4 Every Breath You Take   Oct 1983  
  Mason Dixon  

5 Every Breath You Take LIVE   Dec 1992  

6 I'll Be Missing You 1   Jul 1997  
  Puff Daddy Featuring Faith Evans Featuring 112  
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7 Every Breath You Take   Dec 2001  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

8 Every Breath You Take   Mar 2004  
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Every Breath You Take was a 1983 number one pop and number one rock hit for The Police. The song became the top song of the year in both pop and rock. Every Breath You Take penetrated formats, gaining extensive play in alternative, dance, light, and even soul music styles.
Within weeks of coming out, the song was remade by writer and producer Evan Rogers, who released a dance version under the name Otis Liggett. Country versions popped up by Rich Landers and Mason Dixon.
In 1992, the song writer, Sting, made a solo version on MTV Unplugged and released a video. Sting also made another studio version in 2001, for his album ...All This Time where he remade lots of songs in new arrangements.
In 1997, Puff Daddy Featuring Faith Evans Featuring 112 redesigned the song, now calling it I'll Be Missing You, and made it number one again. This version was a tribute to rappers like The Notorious B.I.G. who were killed.

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