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Mary Travers artist popular songs

Mary Travers was a member of rock and folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary. Mary Travers received some notice for her solo works. The most popular solo tune by Mary Travers was Follow Me. Mary Travers did not have any top 20 songs.
Mary Travers lived from 1939 to 2009, when she died from conditions related to lukemia.

Popular Tune Timeline for Mary Travers

  1 Follow Me   Jul 1971  
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  2 The Song Is Love   Oct 1971  
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  3 Morning Glory   May 1972  
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  4 Too Many Mondays   Feb 1973  

  5 Oh, What A Feeling   Sep 1973  

  6 Circles   May 1974  

  7 The Air That I Breathe   Mar 1978  

  8 Freedom   1979  

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