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The Tarney/Spencer Band artist popular songs

Tune Timeline chronological list

1 I'm Your Man Rock N' Roll   Aug 1976  
  Tarney & Spencer  

2 It's Really You   Aug 1978  

3 No Time To Lose   Jun 1979  

4 Lies   Jul 1979  

5 No Time To Lose   Oct 1981  

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The Tarney/Spencer Band was the duo of Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer. The biggest song by The Tarney/Spencer Band was No Time To Lose. No Time To Lose received minor pop and rock radio airplay in 1979. No Time To Lose was revived on MTV in 1981. Alan Tarney was a multi-instrumentalist, and a song writer. Alan Tarney co-wrote songs for artists Including Cliff Richard and Leo Sayer. Trevor Spencer was the drummer.

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