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The Tarney/Spencer Band artist popular songs

The Tarney/Spencer Band was the duo of Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer. The biggest song by The Tarney/Spencer Band was No Time To Lose. No Time To Lose received minor pop and rock radio airplay in 1979. No Time To Lose was revived by introduction of a video on the cable network MTV, and the song became more popular than ever. Alan Tarney was a multi-instrumentalist, and a song writer. Alan Tarney co-wrote songs for artists Including Cliff Richard and Leo Sayer. Trevor Spencer was the drummer.

Popular Tune Timeline for The Tarney/Spencer Band

  1 I'm Your Man Rock N' Roll   Aug 1976  
  Tarney & Spencer  

  2 It's Really You   Aug 1978  

  3 Lies   Jul 1979  

  4 No Time To Lose   Sep 1981  

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