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Orianthi artist popular songs

Orianthi was a singer from Australia and a guitarist for Michael Jackson. The first single release by Orianthi, According To You, became a 2010 number one song. Orianthi followed-up with the instrumental song Highly Strung, which showcased her guitar playing. The song also featured veteran guitarist Steve Vai.

Popular Tune Timeline for Orianthi

blue # = pop chart

  1 According To You 1   Feb 2010  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  2 Highly Strung   Feb 2010  
  Orianthi Featuring Steve Vai  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  3 Shut Up & Kiss Me   May 2010  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  4 Courage   Dec 2010  
  Orianthi Featuring Lacy Of Flyleaf  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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